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There was a distinct grandeur, and to a lesser level still is, that one can only associate with a festival of this nature, where fun and frolic is the order of the day. This is the unique aspect about Bathukamma, which is at once synonymous and symbolic of the Telangana region in Andhra Pradesh.

- G Bharath Bhushan



Click on the below links for information about bathukamma celebrations in various US cities  

Dubai                       - Sept 25th, 2009
Atlanta                     - Sept 26th, 2009
San Diego                 - Sept 26th, 2009
Cincinnati               - Sept 26th, 2009
Minneapolis            - Sept 26th, 2009
New York                 - Sept 19th, 2009
Raleigh-Durham    - Sept 26th, 2009
Washington D.C     - Sept 26th, 2009

THE BATHUKAMMA Panduga is one of the most unique festivals of Telangana and one celebrated mainly by the women of this region. Celebrated during Navarathri it honours the `life-giver’ Bathukamma, with women seeking her blessings for prosperity and a good year. Colours, flowers and water are all intrinsic to the festival; and the goddess herself is not one rooted in a shrine but made of flowers that signify both life and eternity in their colours as well as impermanence. For, the goddess is `created’ each year, and immersed duly on the 10th day of the festival in local water bodies.


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